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More Advanced than Before.

Lights out? NO PROBLEM!!!

Your hero is here! VDR 3900 SOLAR TECH brings you light even when there is no electricity.

With a simple and futuristic design comes with 2 LED bulbs,bluetooth speaker with radio, emergency lamp and USB charging.

Keeping you accompanied for extra up to 8 hours of usage.



1 Carton : 8 Pcs
Carton Dimension :  41,2 x 38,5 x 45,6 Cm
Box Dimension :  18,5 x 20 x 21,5 Cm
Product Specs    
Emergency Lamp : 2 Watt
Flashlight : No
LED Bulb : 2X
    2 Watt
Solar Panel Board : 3 Watt
Battery : 8000mAh
    Lead Acid
Speaker : Yes
Radio : FM
USB : Yes
    Output 5V
Micro SD : Yes


Technical Specs    
Charging Current : 2A
Usage Current : 2A
Voltage Current Usage : 4V
Solar Board Voltage : 6V
Charging Voltage : 3V
Low Voltage Disconnecting Point : 3V
Low Voltage Reconnecting Point : 3V
No Load Loss : < 8mA
USB Port Current : 600mA
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